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Wednesday 19th May - Thank you!

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed we've been a bit quiet recently - tree planting takes place over winter, when trees are dormant...but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy :-D

We are busy planning for next season, fundraising (please donate if you can) as well as maintaining the new areas planted last winter. Last week, we received a few reports of some minor damage to saplings at two of the parks. We rallied the troops and headed down on a rainy Sunday to investigate, we added guards and canes back where we could, litter picked and tidied. The trees are doing great and have established really well - it's so great to see them with leaves and getting taller!

As we were tidying, we noticed that a lot of saplings had already been rescued with makeshift canes and guards, and somebody had also beaten us to the majority of the litter picking. We were all so touched that somebody had taken the time to care for the trees we planted, and all went home feeling buoyed by what we'd found.

Whoever you are - thank you so much! It's incredibly heartwarming to see that residents care as much about the trees as we do.

Thank you also to anybody who took the time to report the damage. It must be so frustrating to witness it occurring. If you do spot any damage, simply let us know via email or our Facebook page and we'll be there as soon as we can to rectify it and tidy up.

What's next? We have a very exciting announcement coming soon, as we put the finishing touches on a project with a local school!

Thanks again everyone,

T4S Team

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