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Saturday 14th July - Exciting news!

We are thrilled to publicly announce that a project we have all been very excited about is now in progress. We're going to be working directly with West Park School to create the 'West Park Linear Woodland'.

Over the winter of 2021, we are going to be planting 2500 trees around the periphery of the large sports field at West Park, just south of the nature reserve. The large field itself will hardly be affected, as the majority of the trees will be placed in the rough ground around the edges. The boundary to the south of the field will be largely low growth trees, so as to leave the wonderful view undiminished.

We'll be kicking off the project during National Tree Planting week (November 27th - December 5th). We'll have planting help from West Park students, staff, parents and anyone else who would like to volunteer!

The school are as enthusiastic as we are about this project, and have helped us to fundraise by holding a non-uniform day at school. Any T4S funds raised will go towards buying some larger, established trees to give instant aesthetic impact to the new woodland.

If you feel like you are able to donate, you can do so here.

And if you'd like to volunteer with planting, please contact us via Facebook, you can pop us an email

This is a great boost for the environment, the wildlife in West Park and a chance to be involved in a fantastic community project!

We cant wait to get started!

T4S Team

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