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Saturday 9th January - Planting at Borrow Wood

With the lockdown announced, T4S have been working against the clock to get the remaining saplings in the ground before the planting window ends.

Working in pairs, in staggered shifts (in order to comply with the restrictions) we managed to create a beautiful new copse at Borrow Wood park, with over 300 trees successfully planted! In conjunction with Friends of Spondon Parks, the area for the new copse was carefully planned and we hope will provide many years of enjoyment for local residents.

Here are a few photos of 'before':

And a few during and after:

We're very disappointed we haven't been able to include volunteers at this latest planting session. We hope our followers understand that our priorities at the moment are to keep people safe, and to plant the trees we already have had delivered.

We'd like to say a massive thank you to all the local residents (and their friendly dogs!) for coming to say a socially distanced hello and have a chat. It was lovely hearing such positive feedback about our work. Thank you everybody!

We still have some saplings left to plant this season, so expect another update very soon.

Take care and stay safe.

T4S Team

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Jan 12, 2021

Thank you for your comments and for taking the time to visit our website. As requested, please find information on our public consultation process below (supplied by Trees for Spondon and Friends of Spondon Parks).

  • Both FOSP and T4S carried out a public consultation period during the summer of 2020, with posters put up in parks, local notice boards and shops, asking residents about both tree planting around Spondon, and other park improvements. Every house bordering Borrow Wood Park, and other parks where planting was suggested last year, also received a leaflet through their door from T4S. Both sets of survey results indicated high levels of enthusiasm for these plans from Spondon residents. The results of the T4S survey …


Jan 11, 2021

I echo @lucygreensmith’s comments. These trees are behind my home and I have received no communication.

This open space is used by children (especially in the summer) for games and also lots of single dog walkers. Where these trees have been planted causes restrictions. I feel that consultation with the people that this impacts could have lead to this been a more positive and workable outcome.

I note that there are more trees to be planted next weekend. I urge you to talk to us before this happens!


Jan 10, 2021

I appreciate your efforts but can I ask what consultation you have done with local residents on the placing of these trees? Borrowood park is used by so many dog walkers and families playing football - these trees look to have taken up a huge area of space. So densely planted Once grown they will provide cover for people making lone dog walking more of a security risk. Tree planting is lovely but that many in such a small area seems excessive and spoils one of the few good parks in the area. Really disappointed.

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