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Wednesday 4th November - Lockdown update...

Thank you to all the people who had volunteered to be part of our first two planting days on Saturday 28th November and Wednesday 9th December.  

Sadly, now that we are in lockdown, and after consultation with Derby Parks, we have to cancel the planting day on 28th November. We are awaiting the government decision before the end of the lockdown period on December 2nd whether the second planting day will be able to go ahead. We will notify you nearer the time.

Meanwhile, there are six members of our group that have already received planting training in a Covid secure environment and who will be able to start planting in pairs, to comply with the new Covid restrictions. We are aiming to plant our first 200 saplings on Saturday November 14th at Gravel Pit Lane, where we will be extending the existing copse. 

So please wave at a secure distance if you see us!

Finally, we received our first 800 free saplings from the Woodland Trust this week comprising a mixture of hazel, dogwood, silver birch, rowan, wild cherry, hawthorn, dog rose, crab apple and blackthorn. They have been temporarily & safely heeled into raised beds in members' gardens.

Let's hope they will all be planted by Christmas!


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