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Sunday 21st February 2021 - Planting completed!

In spite of the challenges faced this season, Trees for Spondon have now planted 1585 trees! For more information, please see the 'About' section of our website.

This is a small drop in the ocean when it comes to tackling climate change, but these trees WILL make a difference.

On average, one tree will absorb around one ton of carbon dioxide during its full life-time - providing us with oxygen in the process as well as safe haven for thousands of wildlife species.

Our mission to plant a tree for every resident of Spondon is well underway, and with this season now complete, we are now planning our next planting season. Over the Spring and Summer of 2021, we'll be working with the community to confirm our next planting locations.

If you know of any areas/locations close to you that would benefit from some trees, do please get in touch with us! We can then identify the type of land and make the appropriate enquiries before the next planting window begins.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers, helpers and to those who have donated trees and money. See you very soon!

T4S Team

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