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Friday 11th and Saturday 12th December - Vandalism at Willowcroft

Before we'd even really had a chance to warm up and post photos, we got word on Friday morning from a neighbour that there had been significant damage to the saplings planted at Willowcroft. One of our committee members headed down there early and reported back with photos - it was awful and so disheartening to see.

Our sole aim of the group is to improve the village for everybody - current and future generations. It's hard to understand why this happened, and what they got out of it - but our focus now is on moving forwards and our group's next steps.

On Saturday morning, we returned to Willowcroft Park and started the clear up. We cleared the woods of debris, reinstated what had been lost and put things back to how they were. And it's looking great again!

Ultimately, we have no control over what happens next to any of the saplings we plant. But as a group, we remain committed to our goals and we'll keep planting come rain or shine!

If you are a local resident and happen to notice anything suspicious, please contact the police using the non-emergency number, quoting crime reference number 20000653640. Or, if you find damage, please let us know and we will come to rectify it.

Onwards and upwards!

T4S Team

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